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    Some interesting news about a poster


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    Some interesting news about a poster

    Post  zedsgrl on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:18 pm

    In case some of you haven't ventured over to FoRt or JU, this is tragic news about a poster:


    Its always surprising to find out who some of these posters really are. I showed this to my husband to prove my point that posters (and particualrly fans of the Bachelor/ette) aren't all nutbars.

    I do recall this poster (sdl) at some point posting about being a lawyer and having some connections but I always thought it was a woman! I never clued in that it was a man - guess I'm pretty clueless.

    The other thing that blew me away is that he didn't live that far from where I lived the one year we lived in Houston.

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