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    Reality Steve's Clues


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    Re: Reality Steve's Clues

    Post  Katherine on Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:40 am

    There's something I find very interesting in all this. Suppose that everything Reality Steve is saying is true, how the heck did he get hold of that e-mail between Jason and Melissa? I'm thinking, only from either Melissa or Jason themselves, right?

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    Post  pjpPJE on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:37 am

    Did any of you save the email when it was posted? If so, can you message it to me? Or, post a rephrased version? Thanks.

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    Re: Reality Steve's Clues

    Post  Katherine on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:59 am

    This is from Reality Steve's blog:


    One last thing to get to here. There was someone on my comment board who claimed they had gotten access to an email conversation between Melissa and Jason, which occurred after the “ATFR 1″ took place. They came to me with this, forwarded me the email, and told me to look into it. I did. It has been confirmed that yes, it was legitimate. It was Jason and Melissas email addresses on there, and Melissa is basically confronting Jason for what he did, and Jason admits he was just doing what he was told to do. I am in possession of this email conversation now. I was going to repost it on the blog, because it basically verifies everything I’ve just told you (even Melissa admits she had an idea Jason was seeing Molly behind her back), but out of respect to the both of them, I will not print them. I already feel horrible enough for what happened to Melissa. The last thing she needs is to wake up this morning and see a private email conversation between her and Jason spread out all over the internet. Trust me, I’d love to get it out there to prove that Jason knew exactly what was going on from the beginning, but I think the videos and this column speak for itself.

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    Re: Reality Steve's Clues

    Post  bugsme3 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:29 am

    Well it seems all hell will break lose because RS say that melissa was screaming at Jason,it was a verbal beatdown we might be seeing at the ATFR1. Glad I wont miss it, took time off from work it sure is not like the good old days anymore.

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    Re: Reality Steve's Clues

    Post  RomanceinTx on Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:54 am

    Reality Steve's recap of ATFR 1 & 2. He got the info this evening and just posted it.
    ATFR 2 TapingHere's what I know what happened coming from someone who was there:
    -Jillian is announced as the next Bachelorette.
    -Melissa was not there. Chris Harrison had a written letter from Melissa that he read which stated she was fine, she's moved on, and doesn't regret anything about anything happened.
    -Showed the finale and ATFR 1 condensed to the audience into a 90 minute version, so it was basically a clip show of the two shows combined. Jason proposed to Melissa. Him crying on the balcony was after he had let Molly go, and before Melissa had arrived. Melissa obviously accepted the proposal. They leave NZ engaged. (Gee, I said that a month ago).
    -DeAnna actually does ask him to take her back, but he's like, "Look loser, I'm in love with two other women." So I'm sure she was put put up to that since she just had broken up with Jesse two weeks earlier. DeAnna admitted to choosing the "wildcard", but said she should've picked him instead. Oh please. More B.S. Blah blah blah….
    ATFR 1:
    -Jason dumps Melissa on camera. When Melissa came out, she was in a somber mood. Like she knew what was about to happen. They barely embraced. Made it seem like Melissa knew it was coming. Jason tells her he can't stop thinking about Molly. Melissa asks if he had contact with her, he says no. She says, "You chose me, but you're not willing to fight for me?" Basically accusing him of changing his mind. "We left New Zealand, we spent all this time together, and now you want to spend all this time with someone else. I don't get it."
    -Jason just says the chemistry is different, and he can't stop thinking of Molly. So Melissa is pissed that he proposed but basically wussed out and didn't give their relationship a chance.
    -Last thing shown to everyone is Chris Harrison saying, "I'll leave you two alone to talk". Then Melissa telling Jason, "Don't text me, don't call me, don't email me, I don't want anyone contact with you, we're done." She gets up, leaves, gets into a limo, and talks to the camera.
    -She leaves and they bring Molly out. Molly has NO IDEA this has just happened with Melissa. She thinks she's coming out to ask Jason her questions, and he explains he just dumped Melissa. Basically telling her he can't stop thinking about her. Molly keeps looking at Chris Harrison thinking this is all a joke.
    -She asks, "What about Melissa?" Jason says "I don't expect you to get engaged to me now, but can we explore this." Molly says she'll give it a chance. Once Molly is over the shock, she says they have a lot to talk about, she feels sorry for Melissa, but she's willing to see where things go and she can't help but be a little bit happy. Said her feelings have never changed since getting dumped in New Zealand. Shows ends there.
    ATFR 2:
    -Chris Harrison talking to Naomi, Nikki, Stephanie, Kari, and Erica live in studio. Gets their reaction to everything that happened. They essentially all bag on Jason saying if he was that conflicted, he should've waited and not proposed.
    -Took questions and comments from the audience. Some of the girls on stage answered some of the questions, but it was basically getting feedback.
    -Jason comes out next by himself. This is when Chris Harrison reads the letter from Melissa. Afterwards, Jason defends his decision saying he had to do it, didn't want to lead Melissa on, follow his heart, Molly was constantly on his mind, blah blah blah
    -Bring Molly out by herself first then Jason joins her. Talk about how everything is great. Rewatches her segment from ATFR 1 and reiterates she was really surprised, had a lot of questions, but Jason answered them. Her family had questions too, but, they're fine with it now and they love Jason. She's planning on moving to Seattle once everything dies down. Hope people aren't mad at him for following his heart. Jason is mad that people are saying bad things about Molly. Molly states for the record, she is NOT pregnant.
    -When both out there, Chris Harrison asks Jason at what point he had something for Molly, and audience member screams "The tent!" So they bring the tent out to both of them as their gift.
    -Show ends with them bringing Jillian out and announcing her as the next Bachelorette.
    Final analysis:
    I've been vindicated! Thank god. Why would I have lied to you people? I had nothing to gain by lying in all this. Nothing. I was truthful and honest from the beginning. You gotta remember, what was shown to the audience was a 90 minute version of the 2 hr finale and ATFR 1. So things can be spliced up, edited, and shown out of order. But this was the bare bones of what was shown.
    So when Melissa asks him, "Did you have contact with Molly?" and he says, "No", there might be more to it. They didn't see the whole show, the just saw the highlights of the ATFR 1. I'll say it now, Melissa suspected Jason was seeing/texting/emailing/talkign to Molly. That's why she asked. There's no way he didn't contact her in those two months. Not a chance. But like I said, this is the way I thought ABC would spin this - that he just changed his mind. And that's what they're going to present. Hey, if you want to believe that, go ahead. I will always believe differently. He did not just change his mind without having spoken to her in 2 months in my mind. No way.
    Also, as some of the bachelorettes said, if he was THAT conflicted at the final rose ceremony, why even propose to Melissa? If you don't think for a second this was part of a plan, then I don't know what to tell you. There's no way anyone in their right mind, if they were truly in love with two people, would propose to one, then two months later, dump her on national television. I'm seriously contemplating printing out the email conversation now between Melissa and Jason that was done after the ATFR 1 was taped. It verifies everything I'm saying here and coincides with what Melissa said at the taping once he broke up with her. All Jason is doing in these emails is apologizing for what he did and wishes he would've handled it better and not listened to the producers. Now that we know how this all plays out, you can't tell me the emails were fake. I'm sorry. I never thought they were, the addresses were verified, and exactly what happened tonight is exactly what's in them, EXCEPT for the fact that Melissa knew Jason had contact with Molly while they were engaged. And ABC conveniently left that part out. But something still tells they might not have left it out, and we will see the full meltdown. Guess we'll find out Monday.
    So the question til the end of time will be this: When did Molly know about all this? When she left New Zealand, I truly believe Molly knew nothing. She thought it was over and she was heartbroken because she had just been dumped. I'm telling you, I will believe beyond a shadow of a doubt until the end of time, that Jason and Molly were in contact during the two months from the taping of the finale in New Zealand until the ATFR 1 taping in January.
    In closing, all the phonies out there who tried to tell you Jason and Melissa were happy and engaged, Molly was pregnant, Melissas parents were the real issue, Jason's mom was posting on message boards, and all the other crazy rumors you've heard over the last month, you couldn't have been more wrong and congratulations on trying to throw people off. The bottom line is I told you on Jan. 27th what the outcome of this show would be, and today's taping proved it. I'm sure Jasons pleading of "Don't hate Molly" and "I went with my gut and I'm happy as a clam right now" will tug at the heartstrings of some of you, but hey, I'm not buying it. At all. I believe Jason Mesnick knew during the filming he was going to pick Molly, was told to pick Melissa so they could create this shocking, dramatic finale, and he went along with it. I guess its my word against theirs until eternity. I tend to think my word is worth more.

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    I'm thinking the big clue that this was a set up from the get go is...

    Post  zedsgrl on Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:56 pm

    that Melissa has complained that he never contacted her after returning from NZ - that he never gave the relationship a chance. If he was truly in love with both girls equally but decided to propose to Mel because she seemed to get along with Ty better (as I have read) you'd think that he would have given the relationship a chance right? The fact that he didn't IMO is a dead give away.

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    Re: Reality Steve's Clues

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